About Obstaclés Press

About Obstacles Press

One cold winter evening several years ago, author Chris Brady was teaching leadership principles from his bestselling book Launching a Leadership Revolution (coauthored with Orrin Woodward) to an audience in Southfield, Michigan. He was about to elaborate on the importance of overcoming obstacles on one’s route to success. Having recently been immersed in reading Greek history and struggling with its peculiar pronunciations, Chris wrote the word obstacles on the board but immediately mispronounced it as “Ob-stock-uh-leez.” This got a chuckle from the crowd but an even stranger reaction from Chris, who, thinking the new pronunciation sounded like a proper name, quickly sketched a fiendish cartoon character. The crowd roared with laughter as Chris gave an impromptu explanation about how this little fiend was responsible for all the thoughts of failure and defeat in the world.

And just like that, a star was born!

A year or two later, Orrin and Chris entered the publishing world with a dedication to publishing the truth, no matter what the barriers. They immediately decided to use the now famous character Obstaclés (who has his own bobblehead, stuffed doll, T-shirt, window sticker, and a rumored book deal) as their anti-mascot. With one of the most unlikely logos in the industry, Chris and Orrin knew they had found the perfect match for the fresh approach they wanted to bring to the world of publishing.

Obstaclés Press has been true to its name ever since. “Publishing the Truth” requires a daily dedication to defeating the powers of propaganda, mediocrity, and complacency—the very thing abhorred by its anti-mascot and logo. With a stable of nonfiction bestsellers that represent candid, fresh voices in a world crowded with copycats, the originality of Obstaclés Press is its calling card. And despite the best efforts of Obstaclés himself to foil its plans, Obstaclés Press continues to rocket forward into a bright new future, delivering the truth in increasingly approachable and fun ways.