These are uncertain times for personal and societal freedoms.
We long for security, but to have it, we often sacrifice liberty.

Throughout history, humans have made this same mistake, struggling as we do to hold onto freedom and achieve the right balance between State and Social Power.

Why do freedom and justice for all seem elusive and difficult to maintain? Why do we fall again and again into the same old societal traps our ancestors did? Can we reverse the trend, find that idyllic state of affairs in which neither tyranny nor chaos reigns, and make it last? How far will we slip toward tyranny before we wake up, take back the power that belongs to us, and restore justice and prosperity to our lands?

Orrin Woodward tackles these questions and more in his three-part series, And Justice for All: The Quest for Concord. Part one of the series (Volume I: The Problem Defined), released in June of 2014, digs deep into the reasons why our freedoms are diminishing.

Discover where we get our freedoms and rights, why we need government to help us protect them, and why we must keep State Power in check if we want to preserve them long term. Find out what actions you can take now to stop the erosion of freedom that comes with government overstepping its limits, and learn from historical examples what is necessary for society to flourish and prosper.

And Justice for All is a call for awareness and action. Make your freedom the priority that it should be. Get your copy now. Use it to learn—and teach—how to fulfill humanity’s quest for concord and establish society on a firm and lasting foundation of freedom and justice for all.

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