‘And Justice for All’ Is Now Available!

WOODWARD_And Justice for All

These are uncertain times for personal and societal freedoms. We long for security, but to have it, we often sacrifice liberty. Throughout history, humans have made this same mistake, struggling as we do to hold onto freedom and achieve the right balance between State and Social Power. Why do freedom and justice for all seem […]

Orrin Woodward Is Now the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Official Record Holder for the Largest Book Signing


Chairman of the Board for LIFE Leadership, Orrin Woodward has made history and is now the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® official Record Holder for the Largest Book Signing! The exciting, once-in-a-lifetime GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® event to promote Orrin’s new book, And Justice for All, was held during the Summer Leadership Convention at the Nationwide Arena in […]

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