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Confidence of a Champion


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Tim Marks’s second book, Confidence of a Champion, just released in June, 2013, is an epic follow-up to his extremely successful and popular first, Voyage of a Viking. Tim provides a powerful exposition on building confidence that will help you learn to recognize your own self worth and value. Let him show you how to become the person that you’ve always wanted to be! This book will leave you encouraged, full of hope, and ready to unleash the spirit within to show the world your strengths and talents. Always encouraging, Tim’s powerful exposition on building confidence will help you learn to know your worth as you recognize your strengths, talents and inherent value as a unique and irreplaceable being.

SKU: 9780985802097

Product Description

Subtitle: Becoming Who You Were Created to Be By Letting Go of Lies From the Past
Publisher: Obstaclés Press
Retail price: $21.95
Official release date: June 2013
Page count: 284
Language: English


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