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Financial Fitness Workbook


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Make managing money fun and apply a few simple steps right away to get you started on a path to becoming fiscally fantastic! Economic affairs do not have to be boring or stressful. Use this workbook to get you started and then continue down the right path. Every page in this workbook will put you one step closer to financial freedom. Discover where your money actually goes as you can write in all of your expenditures. Purchase the Financial Fitness Workbook as a companion to the Financial Fitness Book and get budgeting!

SKU: 9780985802066

Product Description

Subtitle: The Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of Personal Finance
Author’s name: Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward
Publisher: Obstaclés Press
Retail price: $7.95
Official release date: June 2013
Page count: 90
Language: English


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